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YouTube is one of the most successful platforms at the moment. As more and more people turn to this channel for music, news or tips, many YouTubers get the chance to build a real career out of their passion for posting videos and more. A recent phenomenon that grabbed marketers and critics attention are YouTuber writers. These people not only make tons of money gathering millions of views, but they also make a pretty good revenue publishing books.

Whether their books are valuable or not is a complex debate. Literature fans will probably be reluctant to such publications. However, we can also agree that any author who persuades people to read is a good writer. We will not assess YouTuber’s books right now. What we will focus on in this post is finding out what we can learn from these peculiar writers.

How Do They Earn Money on YouTube?

It’s quite easy to understand the principle of earning money on YouTube. The content is viral. This means they have thousands of views and bring a lot of traffic to their posts. This is also useful for Google who is ready to make a partnership with them that enables both the internet giant and YouTubers to make high revenues out of paid advertisements. Their notoriety helps brands promote their products through ads that accompany their videos.


How Do They Get to Publish?

Famous YouTubers are more likely to get published than experimented writers that don’t enjoy too much popularity. In the end, it’s not about what the book says, it’s about who has written it. There are books that sold millions of copies not because they revealed the secret of never-ending life, but they simply became viral. So, why does being famous online leverage one’s offline career?

These YouTubers are thought leaders; people are drawn to them and follow them on social media. This increases their chances to sell many copies of their books. Bottom line: they register additional revenues and publishing houses make a lot of money thanks to them. So, once again, everyone wins or earns.


What Are Their Gains? Is It All about the Money?

People like Zoe Sugg who sold 78,109 copies of her book Girl Online in just one week are the only ones who have the authority to answer this question. However, we will try to put ourselves in their shoes and come up with an honest response. Their books might not be based on inciting incidents or valuable knowledge.

They may not be experts in English or Philosophy, but they have a spark. YouTubers are magnetic personalities who love to share more about their experience. Whoever is willing to do this invests passion, time and energy. Yes, the financial aspect can’t be overlooked, but they earn enough already. So, it would be fair to agree that they publish, like any other author, for the love of writing.


What’s the Difference Between a Good and a Bad YouTuber Book?

Several critics took to comparing the books written by YouTubers. They were interested to see what differentiates a good book from a poor one and here’s what they found out:

  • The best books were based on personal experiences. The authors revealed their deepest thoughts and significant stories that changed his or her life.
  • The most successful pieces told touching stories or vexed topics that triggered the audience’s curiosity.
  • Some books were quite original, while others looked like mere copies of other author’s work. The best ones were based on the same subjects YouTubers talk about in their videos.
  • Some publications provided useful advice and actionable takeaways. These cashed-in the largest profits.


What Can We Learn from YouTubers Who Write Books?

Now that we’ve got deeper into this topic, let’s get a little more pragmatic? Is there anything we can learn from these YouTuber experience? If you are looking for tips on how to earn life-long profits, unfortunately, we are not able to help. But, here are some practical conclusions we drew.

  • Hard work is the key to success. You’re probably tired of hearing it, but YouTuber’s growing success is an excellent example that reinforces this rule. These people don’t just sit in front of their laptops all day posting nonsense. Most videos require time, skill and research to go viral. The same goes for their book. If they had published totally useless materials, no one would have bothered to buy it. The bottom line is that you get as much as you give. If you are willing to sacrifice all your time to pursue your dream career, you will see it for yourself.
  • Fresh content makes money. Many writers struggle to find exceptional topics that have never been covered. Honestly, that’s kind of hard even for an experienced writer. Success is not about discovering something new. What matters is how you relate to daily concerns. You can put common things into a new and original perspective, and this can be your winning ticket. This is what most YouTubers do in their books. They come forward with their honest arguments and opinions about plain things everyone does.
  • Grab the chance, don’t be hesitant. This is the most important life lesson YouTubers have taught us. When you see opportunity, seize it. You don’t know when the next train stops so, make the courage to get on this one.

All in all, there are plenty of successful YouTubers out there and the chances are that most will step back into anonymity in the next years. Nevertheless, for those who also published books, it’s a good opportunity to launch on a new path once the curtains are down. But do you think their books are good enough to become bestsellers or is it just marketing?


DustinDustin Ford is a fan of YouTube and follows a lot of vloggers. When he’s not surfing on the video platform, he writes about technology and gadgets on TechExploring.

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