Xulon Press Launch Conservative Imprint Liberty Hill Publishing

Christian self-publishing service provider Xulon Press and Salem Communications has launched a new ‘politically conservative’ imprint called Liberty Hill Publishing.

Conservative… Liberty… I know, I’m not sure I get the name either. Maybe I’m missing something.
Xulon Press is owned by Salem Communications, an American radio broadcaster, content provider, magazine publisher and owner of traditional publisher Regnery. It operates nearly one hundred conservative radio stations targeting audiences interested in Christian, family-themed content and conservative values.
In a nutshell, Xulon Press and its new sister imprint, Liberty Hill Publishing, have direct access to a targeted market that many other publishing service providers make promises to authors about how they can execute successful marketing pushes, but still find incredibly hard to reach.
So why set up a new imprint when Salem already had a Christian self-publishing imprint?
According to Vice President and General Manager of Xulon, Chad Nykamp:
By combining the unparalleled reach of Salem Communications, the long history of publishing success of Regnery, and the self-publishing expertise of Xulon Press, we can offer the conservative author the best possible publishing experience, and the broadest possible platform for their message.~ Chad Nykamp, Xulon Press
But couldn’t Salem have done this with Xulon Press? Well, it seems, according to the press release, that Liberty Hill Publishing will be far more aligned with Regnery Publishing—using what was learned with Xulon Press—but operating more as a self-publishing service offshoot of the traditional publisher, much like Simon & Schuster pitched Archway Publishing.
The cooperation between Liberty Hill and Regnery Publishing is a powerful opportunity for authors. We are looking for the next bestseller, and we are in the unique position of being able to help authors achieve that dream and success for their book.~ Chad Nykamp, Xulon Press
When I previously reviewed Xulon Press, I made the point that self-published authors can be somewhat confused as to what the real criteria of submission and suitability is when a service provider presents themselves as a Christian publisher (Xulon supply guidelines). I mean how Christian do you or your book have to be? Is it the book or the author who is screened? I mean, over the years, I’ve heard from authors who used Xulon to self-publish but would not have described their books as specifically Christian.
Though Liberty Hill Publishing offer a basic publishing package priced at $999 (stock design), for me, at that price, it’s a dead duck with absolutely no distribution! Full service publishing packages start at $1899 (no copyright service, bookstore page or e-book version included), and rise to $4999.
Salem might also want to fix that press release, which incorrectly claims that inclusive packages start at $1749!

Mick Rooney – Publishing Consultant

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