Xlibris Launch Writing Coaches Service

Xlibris Publishing has launched Xlibris Writing Coaches – a new publishing service aimed at mentoring and aiding self-publishing authors through the creation of a manuscript from conception through to completion and book design.
From the press release:
This newly added publishing service will bring the author to a step-by-step process of creating a book from conceptualizing ideas and developing characters to editing and completing a manuscript with the help of a writing coach. All Xlibris Writing Coaches are professional, published authors in their own right and experts at their craft. They have extensive experience teaching, editing, and coaching other writers, from beginners all the way to experts, on honing their manuscripts and craft.

Choose from the Xlibris Writing Coach Packages below to take you from your book’s opening sentence to a professionally finished book-store quality work of art.

A 2-month coaching program for writers with the time and confidence to move quickly through their manuscript and publish a book with simple design requirements.

A streamlined coaching program similar to the Xlibris Writing Coach Advantage, offering more sophisticated book design options and includes a hardback edition.

A 4-month coaching program that will hone your writing skills and provide you with 180 pages of professionally crafted material, allow you to publish a first-class book and initiate your marketing campaign.

A 6-month mentoring program providing you with the key to the craft of writing, culminating in a 300-page manuscript and customized publishing services enough for you to publish and market the book of your dreams.

Learn in months what takes most writers years to learn. For more information on self-publishing or marketing with Xlibris, visit www.Xlibris.com. To receive a free publishing guide, please call (888) 795-4274.
There is more explaination on the Xlibris website. Note my own blue colour emphasis that I think authors should be fully aware of before the sign up for these services.
How it Works: You choose which Xlibris Writing Coach Package works with your budget, timeline and manuscript goals. Fill out a simple form telling us about your project and we will partner you with the best coach possible. They will telephone you for the initial consultation, introduce themselves, clarify and concretize your concepts for both your manuscript and your overall goals. At scheduled intervals you will send them pages and they will respond with a written analysis of your writing’s strengths and weaknesses as well as concrete suggestions on ways to improve your prose and the overall narrative.

Additionally they will analyze several pages of your manuscript line by line. They will “fix” sentences and explain how and why these changes improve your story. This manuscript review is not a copyediting service and does not specifically address grammar. Rather, it teaches you the craft skills required to produce a polished piece of prose.

At regularly scheduled times you will have coaching calls and a final telephone conference to complete your manuscript. By the end of the coaching term you will have a completed, edited and revised manuscript ready for publication through Xlibris.
Is it just me, or does this above piece not contradict itself? If the manuscript review is not a service that addresses corrections of grammar, then I’m struggling to see here how an author is going to end up with a manuscript ‘ready for publication’, and at prices ranging from $1999 to $8999, I would certainly expect that on the two high end packages. I’m really in two minds about the true value for money authors are getting here. 
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