Xerox Make Espresso Book Machine Available for General Purchase or Lease

Xerox in conjunction with On Demand Books formally through a press release are making the Espresso Book Machine (EBM) available by purchase or lease to retail outlets, libraries and universities.
From yesterday’s press release:

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Self publishers can print their latest manuscripts at the corner bookstore, classical books are now available for purchase on demand at libraries, cruise-goers can leave their books at home and print reading materials on the ship. All of this is possible with the Espresso Book Machine®, A Xerox Solution. Available for installation starting today, U.S. bookstores, libraries, universities and other retail outlets can purchase or lease the Espresso Book Machine. The print on demand device can produce a book in minutes. 
The Espresso Book Machine gives businesses new ways to drive revenue and serves readers hungry for content on demand. The machine is powered by the Xerox 4112® Copier/Printer, which can quickly print, bind and trim bookstore-quality paperbacks with color covers.
Developed by On Demand Books, the print-at-retail model includes the EspressNet™ software system, which connects the machine to a vast repository of content, allowing consumers to print millions of copyrighted, public-domain and self-published books on demand.
To help drive business, Xerox offers the ProfitAccelerator®Espresso Book Machine Essentials kit that provides marketing and sales tips – as well as a “how to” guide familiarizing owners with technical aspects of the solution.
The Espresso Book Machine will be available in Canada beginning next month and other select markets in the future.
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