Writers Forum Magazine: ADSL Print Advertisement!

I spend quite a bit of time looking at companies who offer self-publishing services to authors, both online and in print magazines. So, naturally, my eyes and ears were perked when I came across a company I hadn’t heard of before: Advanced – Book printing and self publishing made easy’, in Uxbridge. Their web address is www.adslprint.com and yes, like you, I’m also confused as to what the company’s name actually is – ADSL or Advanced Print? You tell me!
Well, it didn’t stop them taking out a full-page advertisement in the January 2011 edition of Writers Forum on page 24. So. along I popped to be greeted by this. Is this company for real, and actually want to be taken seriously? They take out a full colour page ad in one of the UK’s most widely read writers’ magazines, and they couldn’t get a webpage constructed before they went live with their company online?

ORDER NOW FOR PRE-CHRISTMAS DELIVERY’ claims the colour page in Writers Forum!

You’re all right lads, I think I’ll leave it if you don’t mind!  

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