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Digital Book World’s Editorial Director, Jeremy Greenfield, has some wise words for self-publishing authors following yesterday’s O’Reilly Tools of Change Author (R)evolution Day in New York. Here is a snippet, but you can read all his advice for Five Slightly Unexpected Tips For Self-Published Authors to Find Success on DBW.

“One thing I hear a lot these days is that “self-publishing” is a misnomer. The reason? There’s no way that one person can do everything necessary to properly and effectively publish a book. (Obviously there are a lot of qualifiers there, but you get the idea.)

Misnomer aside, there are many people out there trying to publish books without the aid of an established publishing company. Some of them gathered at the Tools of Change Author Revolution conference in New York today to share information, network and learn more about the craft of publishing.

Since so much of what you hear and read about self-publishing is common sense or things you’ve heard before, I decided to pick out five things from the programming that are slightly unexpected or things you may not have heard before.”

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