Why People Publish – Publishing Basics

I read quite a few newsletters on self-publishing and one of my favorites is Ron Pramschufer’s Publishing Basics. He has written an article in this months edition entitled Self-Publishing and the New Millennium plus 10. Though it is another great article from Pramschufer, I would tend to disagree with this particular view of why people publish.

“Seriously, all kidding aside, most people publish because they have written something that they believe to be of commercial value. They don’t do it to feel good or to have a few copies for their friends and family, with the possible exception of family histories, which will be covered under another article. They do it to make money. My guess is that you fall in this group too. Vanity publishing companies are not designed for you to make money; they are designed for them to make money… your money. Anyone who tells you anything different is blowing smoke.”

I entirely disagree that authors look to publish a book to make money. In fact, if you look at the realities of where the money goes in commercial publishing, it’s very evident that only a small percentage of published authors consider their achievements as a viable and regular flow of income. One thing I have noticed in self-publishing today – the perspective Pramschufer may be viewing the debate from – is the attraction this medium of publishing has for business entrepreneurs to put across their latest life message, marketing system or how-to-get-rich-quick-plan.
You can read Pramschufer’s article in full here.

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