When Booksellers Become Small Presses

What would happen if local bookstores decided to become small press publishers?
Well, according to today’s Publishers Weekly article, New Indie Bookselling Model: Publish Own Handselling Favorites, it is already happening. The article looks at the moves by two bookstore owners in Albany New York and Massachusetts using both print on demand and offset to print books by local authors with national sales potential. The small presses set up by these industrious owners not only supply their own stores but other independent booksellers.

“Four years ago this month Susan Novotny, owner of the Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza in Albany, N.Y., looked to print-on-demand to bolster lagging store sales. With Eric Wilska, owner of the Bookloft in Great Barrington, Mass., she opened the Troy Book Makers in Troy, N.Y., in a storefront adjacent to her other bookstore, Market Block Books. Novotny and Wilska not only print books for others on the store’s InstaBook machine or via offset, but bring back into print regional titles to sell in their stores—over 300 titles to date. Now, in what Novotny calls her “35th anniversary present to the Book House,” she is going beyond just printing and is launching a publishing house out of the store, Staff Picks Press.”
You can read the article here.

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