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Everyone who’s getting into the self-publishing game is probably going to face a lot of problems. The self-publishing industry has become extremely competitive. As of 2017, the number of reported self-published titles went over 1 million. Now, as of 2019, the numbers may have doubled or tripled up.

Nevertheless, one thing is certain: the self-publishing industry grants authors the opportunity to make a living without having to sacrifice their creativity and objectives while indulging in the requirements and expectations of publishing agencies.

Do many authors get that chance? No. Does that mean it is impossible to become a successful self-published author? No. Can anyone decide to become a self-published author? Yes. Are there lots of problems associated with publishing a book on your own? That’s another big YES.

I’ve recently started to research and gather information about the most common self-publishing problems that authors face.

With the help of Ultius Review and velvetjobs, I came up with a list of 13 pressing issues that contemporary writers face while trying to tap into today’s competitive book publishing industry.

Let’s have a look.


Finding the Right Topic and Ideas

There are lots of people who want to become writers while having no idea what to write about. Quite frankly, this is not a simple problem but a critical one. If you want to share something with the world, you need to discover the aspects that you’re best at.

For example, if you’re planning to write fiction, you should consistently study various fiction classics to identify the style you prefer most. You can then take various ideas and twist them until you find a unique angle. Once you’ve got the concept, ideas shall follow.



“Am I good enough?”

That’s a common problem of so many contemporary wannabe self-publishers. If you’ve decided to become an author, you need to hold onto your confidence and self-esteem. Think about this: out of the billions of people out there, you’re one of the “special kinds” who is considering the creation of art.

Writing is art, and art is subjective. If you don’t like or trust your work, why would others pay attention? Insecurity is a poison that must be slowly repelled. Find your inner strength and the entire self-publishing process will feel like play rather than hard work and pain.


Don’t Know Where to Begin

Back when I was a student, I used to work at a custom dissertation writing service. A dissertation can be compared with a book – they both take a lot of effort and strategy. The biggest issue that most clients had is that they didn’t know where to begin.

This is very common amongst modern wannabe self-published authors. For a piece of work to be great, there has to be an organized process. A strategy, if you will.

If you’re a writer who wants to become an author, start researching biographies and case studies. Read internet articles and ask Google all the right questions. Get in touch with successful writers by simply emailing them questions. Find out as many details as possible about the process of self-publishing then start building a solid strategy!


Cover Design

Another pressing issue that self-publishers face is the inability to design a professional book cover. This issue can be easily fixed through the help of professional designers who know what they’re actually doing.

Nevertheless, many authors mistake the “self” aspect with the fact that they need to do everything on their own. Many writers feel like their investments should go in other different places, not on book designing. This is a terrible mistake that may sabotage a writer’s entire content creation efforts. Even if the book is good, a mediocre book cover will turn off many potential buyers.


Proofreading and Editing

Another common yet pressing issue that I’ve found is the fact that authors don’t understand the real necessity of third-party proofreading and editing. Here’s the problem:

Criticizing your work can often be hard. If you’re too harsh, you may end up deleting most of your content. If you’re too indulging, your subjectivity might sabotage and damage your author’s reputation. Writing mistakes are unforgivable the moment someone decides to trade money for your words.

The best solution? Outsource professional proofreaders. Throughout my self-publishing journey, I have discovered that essay writers are extremely good proofreaders. Speedy Paper Reviews and Essay Writing Service Reviews are two of the many places that will give you the opportunity to discover talented editors and proofreaders for your books.


Branding and Marketing

Let’s face it: because of the immense competition, most self-published authors find a lot of challenges and problems in branding and marketing their published art.

To brand a book means to position it in the right marketplace. When you plan to publish a new book, you need to identify your “target audience”. This is an imaginary group of people that are likely to be interested in your work. If you write for everybody, you’re likely to attract no one.

A buyer needs to feel that your book is dedicated to his needs, problems, and desires. Your marketing needs to be personalized towards specific individuals that have specific interests. Here’s one thing you need to remember: in today’s world, an author is not just an author but also a marketer and entrepreneur.



Lastly yet very importantly, lots of self-published writers fail to acquire positive reviews. If you’re facing the same issue, here are two quick solutions.

First, start by making a list of 10 to 20 friends, family members, and close connections that might be willing to help you out.

Second, give away your books for free, asking all your readers for a review in exchange. When you’re satisfied with the numbers, end the “giveaway” process and continue selling your book for the price they deserve.


Final Words

When you find problems in life, you start solving them. If not, they’ll stop you from achieving your goals and dreams. If you’re not sure whether you actually want to be an author that takes his professional journey into his own hands, you should decide quick. As Brian Matthews, CEO of bestessayservicesreview, has recently quoted, “While you think, other writers are taking action.”

Studying the biggest self-publishing problems is a great way to anticipate the hardest challenges and setbacks that may arise in your self-publishing journey. Remember: knowledge is power as long as it is acted upon. Problems are no longer problems the moment you find the right fixes!



Joe McLean is a dedicated, full-time freelance writer and he has the busiest schedule you can imagine due to the popularity he enjoys online. Even so, he still manages to work at his own pace and have an amazing social life. Now he works as the remote consultant with law assignment help, sometimes he helps with the blog content.

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