Want A Bestseller, Teacup or Piano? – Borders UK Sell All

The closure of Borders 45 UK stores may be as soon as Christmas for most branches. In what has been clearly a difficult time for Borders staff – the latest reported by thebookseller – suggest that it is a case of anything for sale if it is not nailed down. ‘Want the latest best seller, madam? Perhaps, before you leave, you might like to have a look at the piano upstairs in our cafe. Oh, and by the way, the company who own us bought Denby Pottery some time back. If you fancy a nice set of teacups along with that Stephenie Meyer book, you should have a browse through our Culture & China section!’
MCR, the appointed administrator for Borders UK, have been trying to sell the business in whole or part since it went into financial administration two weeks ago. The latest moves would suggest there is little hope of Borders UK remaining as a brand, despite the fact that the Borders independent branding may have been its greatest strength.

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