Wall Street Journal Shine The Light On Scottish Independent Canongate

In an age when discussions on the publishing world seem to focus on a handful of behemoth publishing houses, it’s nice to see this piece in the today’s Wall Street Journal by Paul Sonne featuring Scottish independent publisher Canongate. There is no doubt having the rights to Barack Obama’s books have helped no end to raise the global profile of Canongate.

“Canongate nearly tripled its revenue from a year earlier in the 24 weeks that ended June 13, largely because Mr. Byng picked up the rights to the first black president’s books six months before Barack Obama announced he would run. For each book, he paid a five-figure sterling sum. Then, much to Mr. Byng’s surprise, he says, Parliament’s prediction about a black American occupying the White House came true.”

You can read the full article here and it does reveal some interesting figures paid by Canongate for recent titles over the past few years.

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