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I rarely do book promotions her but this one did catch my eye over on June Austin’s blog Plodding along Nicely about Tracy Saunders’s, Pilgrimage To Heresy, published in 2007 through iUniverse. This is a fact/fiction adventure about walking the Camino De Santiago.

Reviews for Pilgrimage to Heresy

“This is by far the best book that I have read all year. Part fact, part fiction, the book is borne from the author’s own experience of walking the Camino, the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostella in northern Spain, loosely based on her own experiences, interwoven with 2 love stories, that of the 2 main characters, and that of Priscillian, the first Christian martyr, and his maybe (?) fictional love.
This is much more than a work of fiction, and comparisons to Dan Brown are unfortunate, since the book is nothing like his work, but so much more in depth.
This is a tale of love and beauty, a tale of triumph over adversity, but most of all, a tale of intrigue, which I heartily recommend.”

June Austin, Author of Genesis of Man: Life, the Universe, and Everything in Between

“Pilgrimage to Heresy is essential reading for all Pilgrims bound for the Camino de Santiago, and those who have completed the Pilgrimage and still wonder why. I would be surprised if you don’t find yourself here.”
Mervyn Street, Alternative Faiths

“I was looking for an excuse to go back to the Camino, and now I have one!”

Liz Callahan, Ohio, USA

“A different look at the Camino and the idea of pilgrimage in the 21st century. The story of Priscillian of Avila, though well known in Spain, is virtually unknown to most modern pilgrims outside of it. Pilgrimage to Heresy introduces us to Priscillian with the teasing suggestion of a mystery. Well worth a look.” TopicsCraze.

“While I was walking the Camino, I had so many questions. By the time I reached Santiago de Compostela, I realised I had answered most of the personal ones. But one questioned remained: what about the “myths” of Santiago? How much was true? Why did I make this walk? This book did not provide me with answers: in fact, it opened up more questions, and some I wasn’t entirely comfortable with, even now. But it gave me the opportunity to view my camino as just that: “My Camino”. In it I realised that I only had to believe in what I had experienced. It didn’t matter what my guidebook told me. It only mattered what I had arrived with.”
Name withheld.

“Pilgrimage to Heresy offers a fascinating insight into the turbulent times that transformed Christianity from personal belief into organized religion. Beautifully written, the story weaves between the ancient past and the modern day pilgrims on the route to Santiago in a way which clearly illustrates the relevance the ancient martyrs have to our troubled world today.

Comparisons between this book and suspense novels such as The Da Vinci Code are inevitable, but unfortunate and misguided. Pilgrimage to Heresy is a work of much greater depth and complexity and in a totally different genre altogether. ”

T.L. Hurst, Author of “Chasing Calvini”


(Pilgrimage to Heresy) succeeds in raising serious concerns about the authenticity of the remains revered as those of Saint James while reminding us that the identity of the relics is secondary to the undeniably good influence of the act of pilgrimage itself. The book is written with passion, but without brow-beating the reader; she points out inconsistencies in the evidence for Saint James being buried at Compostela, while suggesting sound political reasons why the pretence has been allowed to persist so long. The central character, Miranda, is a likeable heroine, and her fellow pilgrims are equally agreeable. There is no adversary – the challenge is the Camino itself, with all the doubts and despairs which are the real stumbling blocks for the pilgrims.

William Beatty, Andalucian Life Magazine

“If you are fascinated by Compostela and you are seeking a novel approach to the mystery then Tracy Saunders´ Pilgrimage to Heresy is the book for you.”
David Eade, Costa del Sol News

“If you like mystery, intrigue, history, religion, philosophy, spirituality, travel and romance, then you need to read Pilgrimage to Heresy. The narrative centres on a real-life controversy about whose saintly bones actually lie buried in the Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain, a cathedral dedicated to St. James the Apostle. The action takes place along the Camino, an ancient pilgrimage route, and the drama unfolds amidst a colorful backdrop of the stories of various pilgrims from around the world, the challenging terrain,the spiritual journey of the main protagonist, Miranda, and a mysterious manuscript about Priscillian of Avila, an early Christian condemned to death on charges of heresy by the Catholic Church. Although a fictional account, the book raises many serious questions about church dogma, early Christian history and gnosticism and is based on extensive research. Well worth the read.”

Sylvia Baago, Brock University, Canada

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