Vook Launch eBook Creation Platform

The good news today is that the Vook ebook creation platform came out of beta and went fully live. The cloud-based publishing platform will allow both authors and publishers to distribute ebooks through Vook to Amazon, Apple’s iBookstore and Barnes & Noble. Certainly the strengths of the new Vook platform is the facility to distribute to more than one online bookstore combined with easy-to-use creation tools. So, will this put it ahead of the reach and popularity of the Kindle, the iBookstore or even Smashwords? Well, in a word… No! That’s the bad news.
Whatever about a publishing utilising and uploading multiple book files, I can’t see most self-published authors paying the large fees charged by Vook for this new creation tool and distribution network. There is an annual account fee starting at $79 per month (or $849 per year) moving up to an advanced subscription fee of $299 ($3199 per year), and add to that a separate distribution fee of $99 per distribution credit. Vook will offer discounts to members of CLMP (Council For Literary Magazines), which includes three ebooks at $199 before distribution credits!
The Vook platform looks like a great tool, but I just can’t see the ordinary mortal author signing up. In short, a false dawn. Great tool – shame about the large fees.
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