Value of UK Publishers’ Sales 2008 Down Just 0.2%

Sales for UK publishers were down just 0.2% for 2008. This is in spite of the current economic downturn in retail sales towards the end of last year. In total, UK publishers sold an estimated 855m books, with an invoice value of £2990m. The Publishers Association, who is preparing the forthcoming Statistical Yearbook 2008, compiled these figures. The figures also show that unit sales were marginally up. Interestingly, export sales of books are up to 38% of total sales, a 4% increase on 2004.

The Publishers Association will hold their AGM on 29th April this year and they hope to have the Statistical Yearbook 2008 published just before then. The yearbook should also feature the results of surveys carried out on digital sales and book production. Company CEO’s will receive complimentary copies of the yearbook while participants in the PA Sales Monitor will have online access to an electronic version of the report. All other copies will be available to purchase at £100 (or Trade, £50.00) plus post and packing.

You can view the Publishers Association’s news release at the following link:

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