US Department of Justice Kicks Google Book Settlement Into The Ditch

The US Department of Justice may very well have dealt the Google Book Settlement, as it stands in current form, the final and fatal blow in its statement released late yesterday, Friday, September 18th. In no uncertain terms, the Department of Justice declares that the Google Book Settlement should be rejected.

“As presently drafted the proposed settlement does not meet the legal standards this court must apply. This court should reject the proposed settlement and encourage the parties to continue negotiations to comply with Rule 23 and the copyright and antitrust laws.”
Google themselves say they will address the findings of the Department of Justice in the up and coming October hearing. It is hard to see Judge Denny Chin of the Federal District Court veering too far away from the sentiments and wishes of the Department of Justice and we may find all parties on both sides of the argument in for some long months of re-negotiations.

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