Update August 2008 – Diggory Press Court Hearing

It seems quite a while since there was last any developments in the court action taken by authors against Diggory Press in the uk. Stephen Manning of Checkpoint Press has issued an update as to where the case is currently for any interested parties. Earlier this month, there was a hearing about the court action and the following communication from Stephen reached me over the past weekend and I have posted it here in full.

(To all interested parties)

Having received several enquiries, I felt it was time to bring you up to date on the Diggory / Mrs Rosalind Franklin court hearing of Aug 12th last.

Basically, the judge would not discuss evidence at the hearing, but instead urged us to follow certain legal protocols and perhaps attempt mediation with Mrs Franklin before moving to the next stage. But unfortunately, despite several claimants’ ongoing efforts at mediation with Mrs Franklin, there currently seems little prospect of success.. So the case is still very much active, and appears now to be on track for a full-blown civil case. Accordingly, there is limited information I can pass on in a relatively open forum such as this.

However, I believe it’s fair to say that many of the active claimants are surprised at the multiple legalistic obstacles we are being asked to broach to secure what seems to us to be a simple black-and-white issue of theft and fraud (amonst other things). But the general sense of determination to follow through to a just outcome remains firm, but much now depends upon the orders of the judge, and any subsequent responses from Mrs Franklin…

I can also report that the list of authors who have forwarded complaints to me about Mrs Franklin / Diggory / Exposure / Meadow Books / Kingdom Come Publishing (yes, that’s the latest RF ‘enterprise’ to appear online) – now numbers around seventy individuals… and more come in each week. Some of them have succesfully served warrants via the small claims system – or by contacting paypal online to retrieve their money – but once again, as far as I am aware – no-one has yet been succesful in actually geting their cash back. This is chiefly due to ‘adroit manipulations’ by RF that effectively prevents enforcement agencies being able to follow through in one way or another.. sorry but I can’t go into too much detail at the moment.

Anyway, hope that brings most people up-to-date for the time being. It looks like we will be back in court for another hearing within the next two or three months – thereafter to a formal civil trial where witness will probably have to be called. Obviously, if anyone receiving this email has something they would like to add or offer in writing – please feel free to send it to me at this email address, and I will make sure it is forwarded to the appropriate place.

Thanks again to everyone for their encouragement and support thus far.. We’ll send another update as-and-when developments occur..

Kind regards


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