Unibooks, Adbrite and The Mysterious Slinky girl

Let me start by prefacing my motivations for this article. This is not a review or critique of Unibook. Let’s leave that for at least a year. I came across them for the first time this evening because the name popped up in the site’s Adbrite adverts. For the record, I have introduced this simply to generate a little income to pay the costs of hosting and running the website. After three weeks, I think my earning total is $4 against a monthly hosting fee of about $25, so don’t panic, I’m not buying a yacht to sail to Cyprus and retire next month.

I had intended using Google’s Adsense but my patience and time was tried far too much over the past six weeks trying to sign up and load it to the website. I finally gave up on it. Any company who use their own customers as the content base for their help support forum and make themselves virtually the ‘living dead’ is an absolute no-no for me. Hence, the more genial Adbrite introduction to the website over the past few weeks. I did specify ‘self-publishing’ and all the relevant hokum keywords in my sign up application, but nevertheless, Adbrite have assumed that Poker, Business Cards, Holidays, and the latest, TV on Your PC is quintessential fare for the self-publishing author. Quite frankly, why anyone would want to sign up to having 3000+ channels of shit on your PC when most of us fight a daily battle to rid our humble PC of any impending virus and spam goes completely beyond me. I’m content enough to see that nice girl every six hours or so who insists I ‘ms’ her at the prescribed number as she drapes herself down the right side of my website in a slinky blue or red number. ‘You can stay gorgeous girl, but tell your poker-playing buddies, beachboys and TV mates, the slumber party has been cancelled – they’re out at midnight!’

So, amid the card decks, sand, sunshine, and every TV deal being ‘a crazy giveaway’, I came across Unibook’s advert for their author services.


“About Us
UniBook, short for “your own unique book”, is a revolutionary online service that opens the print-on-demand (POD) market to publishers and every one who wants to self publish their own high-quality books and print them on demand — no long-term commitments, sign-up fees, or service contracts are required.

Created by Peleman Industries, the award-winning company with a 69-year history of binding high-quality books, UniBook gives everyone, including publishers, fiction and non-fiction writers, speakers, schools, corporations, and government groups, the opportunity to print on demand and self publish editions of their own titles, books, manuals or catalogs on an “as needed” basis.

For publishers,UniBook can keep your out of print titles in circulation and your authors happy. The POD model literally eliminates all inventory and warehousing costs since we only print books after they have been ordered. We also specialize in “short runs” of books.

Key Features of UniBook.com:
Priced starting at $79 vs. competitors at $499. Competitors also often require the purchase of marketing, graphics, and editing services.
The price of a hard cover book is about the same as a soft cover (only about $2 more) because we manufacturer our own patented book covers.
Peleman has been in business for 69 years – superior quality of printing and binding.

Books, catalogues, and manuals can be updated online and newer versions are available within minutes.

We work directly with publishers to get out of print and short run books available to the public.

About Peleman Industries, Inc.
Peleman Industries Inc, a privately held manufacturer of binding, laminating and presentation products was founded in 1939 and is currently headquartered in Puurs, Belgium. In 1999, the company opened its U.S. corporate office in Alpharetta, Georgia. With its brand UniBook.com, Peleman Industries offers an “on demand” book printing, binding and fulfillment service for the broad business and consumer market. Through a network of printing partners in Europe, the US, and Japan, books and publications become available online around the world. Self-published, short run or out-of-print books are brought to the reader in a highly professional manner.”

Their website is very visual, community orientated, but I suspect we are dealing with another ‘Display/Publishing’ site which has some of the versatility of Lulu/Createspace/Cafepress, but very little of their on line publishing acument.

I don’t believe in reviewing new start-ups until a year or two passes, and I wonder where Unibook will be with retail prices for paperbacks advertised on their main website page at anything from $14 to $20. Unibooks may aspire to being more of an author bookstore and publisher’s ‘out of print’ short print-run solution than an actual author solutions company.

“Welcome to UniBook, where every book is unique. You may have previously known us as WWAOW but due to innovation and expansion we have been given a new name. UniBook is the place for writers, publishers and businesses to publish and sell books. With the UniBook services anyone can self publish a manuscript and have it listed in our online bookstore. UniBook will print, bind, and pack your book on-demand and ship it anywhere in the world. No need to carry stock and no set-up fees or fixed costs. Discover the world of self publishing and create your own unique book with UniBook.”

Unibook’s FAQ can be found here.


Have a browse of Unibooks and let me know what you think. Another glorified author display site mixing some on line styled Lulu/Createspace software, or is my instinct correct that there is something a little more stimulating and new going on here??

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