Twenty Kafka and a Lighter Please!

Tank Magazine published their first issue back in 1998. They provide a platform to some of the world’s most independent and innovative artists, photographers, designers and writers.

“We seek to be informed, articulate and original. The writers, artists, photographers, stylists and illustrators who contribute to Tank are not only outstanding in their class but also independent thinkers. Accordingly, those whose work we’ve published over the last eleven years are today’s most respected names in their fields. Some of the new people we’re discovering will no doubt follow the same trajectory and we’ll continue to work with both emerging and established talent.

Our readership is global, opinionated and articulate; never slow to let us know their thoughts on any given issue.

And so onwards into our next decade – one in which we intend to keep on seeking out the most interesting, the most beautiful and the most original of things from the people who are the shapers of our world.”

Tank Magazine are also responsible for Tank Books and they have released a series of classic books of literature celebrating one of the most iconic packaging designs – the flip-top box of cigarettes.

“TankBooks are for people on the move, lovers of literature and connoisseurs of design. Try one and you’ll be hooked.”


Joseph Conrad
“Heart of Darkness”

Ernest Hemingway
“The Undefeated” and
“The Snows of Kilimanjaro”,

Franz Kafka
“The Metamorphosis” and
“In the Penal Colony”

Rudyard Kipling
“The Man who would be King”,
“The Phantom ’Rickshaw” and
“Black Jack”

Robert Louis Stevenson
“Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

Leo Tolstoy
“The Death of Ivan Ilych” and
“Father Sergius”

Thanks to GalleyCat for spotting this one!

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