Traditional Book Output Up 5%; Nontraditional Soars | Publishers Weekly

Traditional Book Output Up 5%; Nontraditional Soars

Glad to see this year that PW leads the way in properly defining what ‘non traditional’ means in regards to preliminary figures released by R. R. Bowker. Last year far too many on the media bandwagon referred incorrectly to ‘non traditional’ titles as being all self-published.

“Despite the belief in many quarters that the growth of e-books will mean the death of the printed book, the number of books produced by traditional publishers rose 5% in 2010, to a projected 316,480, according to preliminary figures released Wednesday morning from R. R. Bowker. That number, however, is dwarfed by the growth in output of nontraditional titles, which jumped 169% to 2,766,260. As Bowker notes, the majority of nontraditional titles consists largely or print-on-demand editions of public domain titles. Self-published titles are also included in the figure. Based on the preliminary figures, the combination of traditional and nontraditional books totaled a projected 3,092,740 in 2010, up 132% from 2010.”

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