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PIC 2One question that keeps coming up among the author community is how to promote more books.

Every author’s dream is to be on the best seller list. But how do you get a spot on this competitive list? It is said that the most powerful method of marketing a book is through word of mouth which is true for a number of reasons. It’s free, credible and highly viral to help increase the buzz about your work.

So you’re through with the first process of writing and publishing a book.  Congratulations. What next? Most authors think that once they have published a book the hassle is over and they sit back waiting for royalties to roll in. But this won’t happen. There is still the marketing journey that may take a while. But there are key things that an author can do to promote their book.


Build an email list or newsletter

Invite as many people as possible to subscribe to your website or newsletter and in return, provide compelling content about your book. You can opt to give your audience an update on every chapter in your book. Use the list to build buzz for a grand launch. Keep your audience engaged and ask for feedback so they can feel part of the project.


Send copies to magazines and journals for review in your genre

Most reviewers will be kind enough to review your book so it is important to share the list. Just search online for the best sites that review books and send them a pitch with a link on your book. It’s a good way of promoting your book.


Create a post about your book on social media

Social media is a great marketing tool for any product. Decide what and when you will share your book on social media platforms. Create a good profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Goodreads and optimize your posts. Ensure you select the most appropriate time to reach as many people as possible.


Guest post on other blogs and website frequently

Guest blogging is considered one of the most effective ways to increase visibility, draw your target audience, and gain influence online. Volunteer to guest post on other blogs and website and leave a link to your book so that other people can follow you back and access the book.


Design a grand launch strategy for your book

Launching a book requires more than just simple emails and several Tweets to friends and family. The best approach is to plan a party. Look for a unique venue that links to your book’s content or even team up with other authors who may be announcing a new release to increase your visibility across several platforms and audience.


Create an outstanding book trailer

Showcase your creativity and personality with an outstanding book trailer. Don’t just take a photo and post it on the website and assume you will get followers within a short time. Instead, consider including the entire message and brand on a short video detailing what is in the book. If you don’t have the right skills to create an awesome trailer, consider hiring an expert to create one for you. A little research on the market will help you come up with an appropriate budget for the task.


Get friends, family, colleagues, and clients to place reviews on Amazon

Amazon is a highly influential e-commerce platform and having great reviews matter a lot in determining the success or failure of your book. Encourage anyone including friends and family who enjoy reading your book to leave a review to boost its ranking and get more visibility.


Offer to give an interview on TV and Radio stations

Radio stations are always looking for interesting interviews or any author with a newly published book to get on the air and share their experience. You need to have a publicity letter saying something interesting about the book and you’re good to go. Also, if you have the right PR company and a good budget, you can target radio and TV programs.

You can even use the platform for launching your career as a motivational speaker. Of course, you will need a different set of skills to be successful in this but the book can be a good starting point and it will help sell more books.


Provide sample chapters of the book as free downloads

Get some of the best chapters of your book and convert them into pdf files. Allow your readers to download them for free. Take this as a token to allow your audience to browse through your book and get an idea of what it’s about.


Do a KDP countdown

The KDP system allows you to run an item at reduced price offer for a short period of time. It also displays the number of hours and days left before the price bounces back to a higher level. The interesting part of this promotion is the statistics chart that generates all the reports showing the items sold per hour and total sales per hour. This is useful in comparing the figures before and after the offer.


Create a series of YouTube Videos on your book

There is no doubt that YouTube is a great marketing tool for almost any business and it can be a useful tool in promoting your book. The author can read small sections of the book and have the session recorded. Then they can put the URL and a brief description of the video, then upload it to YouTube. This is a good way to get the content out there. You can even have some readers come over and conduct a short interview what they find in the book.


Offer your book as a prize

Most radio shows and magazines will be interested to run competitions on products that offer discounts or prizes. They will provide valuable publicity if you offer to give them a few books to give the listeners as prizes.


Write about the book on your blog

If you have a blog or a website, it can be easy to get your book out there. If not, start one and write some quotes from the book just to get your readers interested. Build a community around several topics of the book and get the audience to interact with each other and share their experiences about the book.


Create a short presentation and upload on SlideShare

Create a short presentation about your book and embed it on your site or have other people embed it on their site. Include this presentation into your SlideShare slides and don’t forget to add hyperlinks so that views can find it easy to get in touch with the author.


Join a discussion forum on topics related to your genre

Look for forums on different online platforms such as yahoo answers to get to know people who are interested in your topic of discussion in your book. Some forums will allow you to do announcements to inform the group of the launch date of your book. You can also use these forums to find interested readers or volunteers to read your book and leave a comment or review.



Of course, there are so many authors out there who write interesting books but have no idea how to go about marketing their book. The above tips will help you come up with a great marketing strategy that will promote your book every day to readers across the world.

There are many more marketing tactics out there but mastering the right one can be a great advantage in making it on the bestseller list. So, find out which work for you and apply them in your promotion strategy.

If you have already found success in using some of these strategies, please share with those who may be starting off their writing journey.


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Amber Wilson is a teacher from Everett and an excited technophile currently working as a writer and editor at ThesisRush. She believes that technology and progress will change the world and dreams of becoming a best-selling author one day.

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