TIPM Morning Brief: Wednesday, August 28th

This morning’s TIPM Morning Brief looks ahead to a post-TOC Frankfurt Book Fair, why we need to show constraint and perspective on the Goodreads abuse debate, and another author from the traditional world opts for the choppy self-publishing waters.
With the Frankfurt Book Fair due to take place in October, we are already seeing the various previews and promotions linked to it. It’s not too long ago you would never have seen a guide to a major global book fair directed at authors. However, just as we have witnessed at BEA, London Book Fair, authors are attending these industry trade shows in larger numbers now. Publishing Perspectives has its author guide for Frankfurt. In another article on Frankfurt, Publishers Weekly reminds us that it is the first major post-TOC (Tools of Change) book fair since O’Reilly pulled its direct physical presence.

Staying with Publishing Perspectives, host and weekly MC of Ether for Authors, Porter Anderson, presents a constrained and reflective piece on the recent debate about abuse and vindictive book reviews on Goodreads. Anderson reminds us that no one died and the importance of examining facts rather than reporting on reactions as news.

Is continued rejection enough of a reson to look to self-publishing? Tasha Harrison shares her story on the Guardian UK.

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