TIPM Morning Brief: Thursday, September 5th

Here are this morning’s briefs from around the publishing world.
Amazon rarely seems to be out of the news headlines, and for good and bad reasons. Amazon has released the new version of its Paperwhite e-reader and it’s notable that it come with Goodreader installed. I’ve long been of the opinion, no matter what Amazon do, someone out there will find fault with it just because it’s convenient to paint the retail goliath as the big bad monster. In our second Amazon related story, Publishers Weekly reports on Amazon bundling e-books, but you will read a pretty mixed bag on this news across the Internet and elsewhere. What I think is odd with this news is that not too long ago many in the industry were declaring a daring idea and that publishers and retailers should adopt the idea. No significant player in the industry did. Now Amazon has jumped in with both feet – suddenly I hear so many decry the idea! My take on this is that if you don’t like the way Amazon is doing it, then you should have done it your way FIRST!

Arion Press is a publisher sticking to how print and publishing worked in the past – individual typeface lettering and expensive bound editions. The Harvard Magazine takes a closer look at a publisher looking to the industry’s past rather than the new innovations of the future.

E-book and print-on-demand publisher Andrews UK Ltd is also a publisher going in a different direction to many others. While it will continue to offer e-book and print on demand services to clients, it has set up a traditional publishing imprint that will distribute physical titles into stores. The new imprint will be called Oak Tree Press set to launch later this month with titles from horror author Joseph D’Lacey and TV wedding planner George Watts.

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