TIPM Morning Brief: Thursday, August 22nd

This is the first post of TIPM’s new daily aggregated news and link feature for independent authors and publishers. This post will appear most days and will contain the latest news of specific interest to authors and small independent publishers in one place.
I have been experimenting with various ways to do this over the past couple of years here on TIPM, but I’ve never quite found a way that is both visually appealing and quick to execute in a web post. The advantage of using Facebook’s new embed post feature is that the integration between the TIPM website and the TIPM Facebook page is enhanced. Two years ago I integrated the Facebook comment option on the TIPM webpage and that has proved a huge success.
So, here is today’s TIPM Morning Brief: Thursday, August 22nd.
I’m not quite sure IndieReader’s CL Bell really answers the question posed by the headline in the below HuffPuff piece. This is more an interesting take and commentary from notable self-publishing figureheads like Mark Coker and Orna Ross. I would have preferred Bell to develop the article a little better and put real shape on the comments and tell us exactly why self-publishing is here to stay.

Smashwords has launched an author interview service and you can read about it below as well as sampling one created by Henry Baum. Authors interview themselves and can create a series of their own questions or use some prescribed questions Smashwords suggest. I think this could have its promotional uses for indie authors. I think Smashwords founder, Mark Coker, should consider expanding this from a text interview option to the use of video embeds, but it’s definitely a runner for me.

Working with small publishers can have difficulties just as much as working with paid and assisted publishing services. Author S.R. Claridge shares her experience with Vanilla Heart Publishing.

Crowdfunding is one expanding area in self-publishing. It’s not for everyone, and you must have an inbuilt fan base to make it work. Denise Stephenson has launched her Kickstarter campaign for her novel, Isolation …

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