Time For Independents To Take To The Stage

We have been reviewing author solutions services, printers and new innovators in the world of publishing for some time on POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing. Over the past two and a half years we have looked at 400+ companies, from printers to innovative publishers employing new models of publishing. The development of this site has seen us acknowledge all forms of publishing under the one uniform umbrella. At the end of last year, we spoke about bringing you profiles (overviews) of independent publishers. Some of that has been achieved in our series of publishing innovators, but we have yet to really start to bite into the substantive work in that area.
We have now created a listing to the right called Independent Publishing Houses, and yesterday we completed our first overview of Maverick House Publishers. Much of our focus for the rest of the year will concentrate in this area, and while we are still committed to carrying out reviews of self-publishing services, most, if not all of the main players have been covered. If there is a specific self-publishing service you feel we have not covered and deserves to be covered for good reason, then, by all means, let us know in the comment section below, and provided it meets our strict criteria, we will carry out the review in the coming weeks and months.
We are still perfecting the criteria for our Independent Publishing Houses section, but we have compiled a short list of companies we would like to begin with. By all means, add your suggestions in the comment section. The following Independent publishers are our first shortlist to review over the coming months. The reviews themselves will be perfected as we analysis and test our criteria. We are looking forward to them. I hope you will be too.
…till then…        

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