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There’s A Hole In My Sock Puppet

Sock puppets of the world look on.
This week The Naked Book interviewed puppet hunter extraordinaire the thriller writer Jeremy Duns. Duns exposed crime-writer R J Ellory last week, and he has been seeking the truth about Stephen Leather’s anonymous accounts and activities since Harrogate. But who is he? And why does he do it? Most importantly, how does he find the time?
Also in the studio was Cathy Rentzenbrink, fresh from ten years of bookselling at Waterstones, and now Project Director at Quick Reads. Cathy has called for an amnesty for all sock puppets. “We could all agree that it is wrong, promise not to do it again and draw a line under it.”
Assisted by the regulars Sam Missingham and in the chat-room Catherine Neilan, The Naked Book is happy to confirm that no sock puppets came to any harm during the recording.
Presented by Philip Jones, Editor of The Bookseller.

Yon can listen directly below or click the link at the top of this piece. 
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