The Words Authors Should Carve on The Inside of Their Eyelids!

Writers Beware have amassed some great advice and resource links for authors wanting to avoid any pitfalls when seeking a publisher. If there is one worthwhile thing you can spend ten minutes today reading – believe me – this will be the best ten minutes of your weekend.
Victoria Strauss summarizes advice for authors starting out on the path to finding a reputable publisher that should be set in stone, or better still, carved onto the inside of every authors’ eyelids. That way, even with their eyes closed, they will make the right choices.

“Know something about the publishing industry BEFORE you start submitting your manuscript. Not only will this help you target your submissions appropriately, it’ll make you a better researcher, and help to keep you out of the hands of scammers and amateurs. If you know how the publishing process should work, you’ll be more likely to spot a problem publisher before you waste your energy querying it.”

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