The Self-Publishing Conference UK – University of Leicester, March 24th

One of the real benefits of self-publishing conferences is that authors get the opportunity to come together and share their writing and publishing experiences. It is also a great opportunity to get to meet authors and people working in the book industry. I am looking forward to this weekend when I will attend the UK’s premier Self-Publishing Conference at the University of Leicester. On Sunday morning I will also be presenting a session on Choosing a Self-Publishing Provider. The conference begins at 9.30am (registration between 8.30-9.30) and runs until about 5pm, so if you have already booked your ticket, I look forward to seeing you all there. Treat yourself to an early night on Saturday!
Self-published books and ebooks have come of age, but for many authors there is still considerable confusion and a lack of understanding about what is involved in choosing a good self-publishing service provider, and just how best to go about it.

This Self-Publishing Conference offers a unique opportunity to meet and interact with influential individuals and companies working within the self-publishing sector. It is the perfect day out for authors thinking about, or already involved in, self-publishing their work. Whether you are going it alone or using a self-publishing service provider, this conference offers multiple sessions on a wide variety of topics involved in the process of self-publishing, before and after your book is published. The conference will consist of talks and workshops most relevant to your self-publishing project.
The Conference will offer sessions designed to bring new insights into self-publishing, while giving attending delegates the chance to meet with other self-publishers and specialists in the field. As well as session speakers, a number of self-published ‘Author Ambassadors’ will be on hand to discuss their own self-publishing experiences with delegates, including those who have published with assistance from a service provider and those who have published on their own.
The day is specifically designed to be informal, providing first-hand experience of self-publishing theory and practice, and encouraging discussion and an exchange of views and experience.
Details of the sessions:

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