The Road to Damascus Just Got Longer!

Got home this weekend to find I had an email from Adam at Raider International Publishing. It seems he was wondering why I had not updated him recently on how I was getting along with finishing ‘Trees’.

The truth is I’m finding the final passage a lot tougher than expected. I did a lot of research on Cyprus over a period of time to write the book. But now, I’m having to do just as much intensive work on Israel and Syria, all in a much shorter space of time, and that research is pulling me away from getting the novel done. It is really a catch 22. If I don’t do my reseach on the geographical layout and cultures of these areas, then I simply can’t finish the important final ‘Road to Damascus’ section. Right now, it seems, I ‘m going through the hardest part of writing this book, both emotionally and intellectually.

Message to my heart and brain – hang in there, it will be worth it in the end.

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