The Publetariat Vault – Launching Summer 2009

From the Publetariat website comes the following;

“In an effort to attract publisher attention, you’ve got a fine-looking, well-reviewed, respectably-selling book in print, and you’ve put a lot of time, money and effort into your author platform as well. Unfortunately, publishers haven’t noticed.

If there were a service designed to facilitate publisher searches of indie books, making it easy for them to find books that meet their specific needs, are well-reviewed and selling in respectable numbers, would you want your book to be listed with that service?”

Well, Publetariat intend launching the Publetariat Vault, a service for publishers on the lookout for independently published books which have proved a success this summer. The concept has been tried with such sites as Authonomy in conjunction with HarperCollins. However, this project will have no affiliations with any specific traditional publishers.

“Any contact or publication offers resulting from your Publetariat Vault listing would be strictly between you and the publisher. It would be up to you to retain a literary agent or attorney for contract negotiations and future services related to your book, Publetariat would have no rights to your material and no stake in the deal. The Vault’s only function would be to bring commercially viable indie books to the attention of publishers who want them.”

You can read the full announcement here.

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