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For the next couple of weeks I’m putting on my blog boots for the start of The Memory of Trees Blog Tour. I love walking, and every step forward is the start of another wonderful journey. There will be plenty of interviews, articles, debate and comment, but most of all, this little journey with my new novel will involve lots of hand squeezing (mostly my own), and some strategically fired questions from interviewers and bloggers who know just the right questions to ask. I’m already half way through some of the interviews and material you will experience, and already, it’s been a blast!
What I most like about this part of a book promotion tour is what you actually learn about yourself and the novel you’ve written. It allows you as a writer to escape the writing den and bring a great deal of perspective to all the things you do as a writer – bring perspective, and above all, delivery home where we all belong in the writing and reading community. It’s a perspective I cannot deliver through my work and research on The Independent Publishing Magazine, and even on my author website – no one is prodding me!
Blog tours are a little like going on holiday, or working and living somewhere else for a little while. You don’t tend to bring with you the conformity and limitations you deliberately impose on yourself when you’re at home in the blog nest.
I thought it very appropriate that the blog tour for The Memory of Trees should start with a visit to Catherine Ryan Howard, author, self-publisher, and a real travel junkie in the making. I met her about a year ago at a self-publishing conference in Dublin, and her enthusiasm and belief in her work was infectious and an inspiration to all who met her and listened to what she had to say. Are you listening BBC’s Rough Guide? She’s your only woman for the job.
I also discovered two things tonight about Catherine – she sometimes doesn’t rise till after 10am, and she spent some time living and working in my second adopted homeland, the Netherlands. I’m impressed!
She also drinks coffee by the barrel, so I’ve packed plenty of teabags and packs of garibaldi biscuits for the first blog tour post this Wednesday morning.
Catherine has already published two travel memoires about trekking across North and Central America, and a guide to self-publishing. This October she will publish her debut novel, Results Not Typical. Where I most respect Catherine, even after all her self-publishing success; she has not spurned the normal, or as she describes, ‘proper’ publishing avenues. For her, the two avenues co-exist as long as it makes sense to her own writing aspirations.
You can read Catherine’s piece on low ebook pricing on the Bookseller’s FutureBook yesterday, and join both of us at Catherines’s blog, Catherine Caffeinated, this Wednesday morning.
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