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It’s a busy road at the moment for me, and my next blog tour stop over is with Nicola Furlong‘s ePubbing Blog tomorrow. I’ll leave it to Nicola to introduce tomorrow’s piece.

Dublin-born author, Mick Rooney, will take the epubbing con on Friday. He’s a multi-published author and consultant and editor at the Independent Publishing Magazine, with a interest in the changing world of publishing. He’s written a number of interesting novels and recently produced a great non-fiction book called To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish.

The Memory of Trees novel by Mick Rooney

On Friday, he’ll discuss his road to publishing, especially the hills he had to conquer during his efforts to get his new novel, The Memory of Trees, published.

It’s a fascinating article so come back on Friday to check it out!

I also have a big announcement to make for all you self-published and independent publishers out there about what I will be doing and where I will be doing it. I’ll announce that news, hopefully, very soon. With the book promotion for The Memory of Trees, I appreciate I have been a little quieter here than normal, but routine will soon be re-established during the month of October.
Once again, I would remind subscribers and followers of the site that I am very active on Facebook and Google+, as well as my YouTube Channel, and that’s where you will find the day-to-day latest news and up-to-date comment linked in here with all the reviews and comments.    

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Moi, before the last ice age

Moi, before the last ice age

I’ve loved mystery novels since the day my Dad introduced me to the old green Penguin paperbacks.

A friggin’ lucky Canadian, I was born during a freezing Alberta winter, raised under endless Saskatchewan skies, summered in PEI, kicking red sand and scarfing back church suppers, and survived my Capital punishment working in Ontario/Quebec skyscrapers.

Hard at Work

Hard at Work

Luckiest of all, I now write genre fiction, create podcasts and book videos, grow ornamental poppies(in the midst of a fretful two-year effort to grow the fabled Himalayan blue poppy) and have a blast playing old timer’s hockey and biking the sea-kissed rural roads of southern Vancouver Island.
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