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Some TIPM readers will remember when I featured Jane Friedman’s excellent infographic on 5 Key Publishing Paths in June of this year. I wrote this article about the infographic and shared some thoughts on it. It led to some comments and discussion with Jane, here and elsewhere, and a lively and lengthy debate on how best to categorise and define the many varied paths to publication for authors.
Well, in light of those discussions and much feedback from authors, Jane has carried out some changes and refinements to the infographic and just made available version 2 for sharing and download (PDF).
On the question of whether an author should traditionally publish or self-publish, Jane says:


It’s an important question—one that tends to result in heated debate—but it’s becoming an increasingly confusing and complicated question to answer because […] There are now many varieties of traditional publishing and self-publishing—with evolving models and varying contracts. You won’t find a universal, agreed-upon definition of what it means to “traditionally publish” or “self-publish.” It’s not an either/or proposition. You can do both. ~ Jane Friedman


The Key Book Publishing Paths 2.0 infographic now highlights four distinct paths, with the introduction and raised profile of community publishing (crowdsourcing, fan fiction etc.) and the merging of partnership publishing into the larger traditional publishing path. Friedman now names the four primary paths to publishing as; Traditional, Fully Assisted Self-Publishing, DIY Self-Publishing and Community Publishing.

I spend a lot of time at writers conferences trying to clarify the pros and cons among the different publishing paths and the growing number of services available to authors. There is no one path or service that’s right for everyone; you must understand and study the changing landscape and make a choice based on long-term career goals, as well as the unique qualities of your work—not to mention your own strengths and weaknesses. ~ Jane Friedman

You can download the infographic below at this link, and Friedman intends to continue to update the project as the industry changes and develops. She also gives a full explanation of the publishing paths and her reasons for tweaking version two.
It’s onward now to 3.0!

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