The Independent Publishing Magazine | Normal Service Has Resumed!

Thank you for bearing with us this weekend. All the major changes have now been implemented on the site and normal service has resumed 24 hours ahead of time. The toolboxes have been closed and the IT guys happily dispatched out the front door, filled with tea, breakfast rolls, cakes and beers, and happy in the knowledge that we hit almost all objectives:
  • Create more ‘whitespace’
  • Reduce cramped style of website
  • Improve navigation
  • Promote lost information
  • Emphasize re-branding
  • Increase font point
  • Increase space for video embedding
  • Purge needless/duplicated info

The world is now a better place, and I’m left with just the vacuum cleaner and dust cloth to deal with a few sharp edges. Does anyone know how to remove grease stains from a deep-pile carpet?!

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