The Hugh Howey Author Earnings Report Game – For All The Family!

Perhaps one of the best comments I’ve read all year, and certainly the most satirical and sharp on the whole Hugh Howey Author Earnings debate, comes from The Passive Voice. PG (Passive Guy) posted some extracts from Howey’s latest 50k report, published late yesterday. It received this ingenious comment from ‘antares’, a writer and blogger at The Log of the Antares. With all the criticism of Howey’s first report on Author Earnings, and I’m sure a plethora of criticism to come on yesterday’s larger data report, Antares has come up with a parlour game for all the family to play together after an evening of reading critical posts on Howey from the industry experts! The game is based around a famous piece of dialogue delivered by the character Sir Humphrey Appleby from the BBC political comedy show, Yes, Minister.
Antares explains the game, rules and scoring:

Mick Rooney – Publishing Consultant

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