The Huffington Post: Therapy, Self-Publishing and the EBM

Judith Schwartz is a freelance editor, author and journalist. Today, in the Huffington Post, she explains how she decided to use the Espresso Book Machine to gain placement and exposure in independent bookstores for her book, The Therapist’s New Clothes – a memoir of training as a psychotherapist.
“Like therapy, publishing is an institution with an evolving set of rules and strategies. I had learned the hard way that institutions, believe in them as we may, are not infallible. So, tentative about this though I was, I once again chose to take back the power and brought out my book using the Espresso Book Machine (it helped that my bookstore, The Northshire, was the first independent bookstore in the country to have one!) It’s been incredibly rewarding to do so, and I recently gave a presentation at the Tools of Change For Publishing Conference on the implications of this publishing model.

Every once in a while I slip and find myself apologizing about its being independently published, but it turns out readers are not as hung up on those publishing brands as I thought.”

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