The Friday Project Serialize Smailes’ New Novel

Tomorrow, publisher, The Friday Project, will experiment by serializing the 32 chapters in Caroline Smailes’ new novel, Like Bees to Honey, across a host of book blogs. The novel is not due to be published until next week. Some of the blogs included belong to Lindsey Fallow, Ian Aspin, Matt Hill and novelist Sarah Salway. Each blog will host a separate chapter in a widget, much like an Amazon or Google search inside widget allowing the reader access to a single chapter of Smailes new novel.
The chapters of the book will only be available for a limited period of time on each site, but in theory, a reader could read the all 32 chapters of the book if they are quick enough.

…and just announced, the chapters and websites this morning…

Chapter 1: Chasing Sheep
Chapter 2: Helen Redfern
Chapter 3: My New Notebook
Chapter 4: Jon Mayhew
Chapter 5: L-Plate Author
Chapter 6: Jamieson Wolf
Chapter 7: Rowan Coleman
Chapter 8: Live. Love. Learn. Write.
Chapter 9: Dave Roberts Books
Chapter 10: Nik’s Blog
Chapter 11: Fiction Is Stranger Than Fact
Chapter 12: Kelly Railton
Chapter 13: Megan Taylor
Chapter 14: BubbleCow
Chapter 15: Fluttering Butterflies
Chapter 16: debs-daydreams in the shed
Chapter 17: Matt Hill
Chapter 18: Writing about writing
Chapter 19: Not Only In Thailand
Chapter 20: Password Incorrect
Chapter 21: The trouser Press
Chapter 22: Angie’s Write
Chapter 23: Just Keep Writing and Other Thoughts
Chapter 24: Tea Stains
Chapter 25: Chez Aspie
Chapter 26: Planting Words
Chapter 27: Being Lucy Diamond
Chapter 28: Reallygood Thinking
Chapter 29: Gemma Burgess
Chapter 30: Sarah’s Writing Journal
Chapter 1 (and yes, it’s a different one): Wordy Blog

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