The Friday Project – Overview

The Friday Project is a publishers which was bought by HarperCollins in May 2008 as it teetered on the edge of commercial collapse. Now, just like HarperCollins’ HarperStudios , the London-based independent publishing house, founded by Paul Carr and Clare Christian in June 2004, will operate as a shared profits publisher, with still the possibility of an advance to authors. The Friday Project Publishers began initially as The Friday Thing, an Internet newsletter taking an offbeat look at politics, media and current events. The Friday Project publishers look for material from the web and then publish the work in traditional book form. Much of The Friday Project published material is available for free download as part of a Creative Commons license.

Scott Pack, The Friday Project’s Commercial Director, and formerly of Waterstones, said, “Our profit share contracts will give authors a bigger stake in the success of their books and by making much of our list available for free online we will have direct access to readers, enabling us to generate that all important word of mouth before, during and after publication.”

In 2007, co-founder, Clare Christian launched Friday Fiction, a new imprint for original fiction discovered on the web.The move follows a similar business model to HarperStudio. The imprint offers writers a profit sharing model with advances limited to £70,000 str.

In March 2007 The Friday Project was shortlisted for two industry awards, one for Innovation in the Book Industry for their commitment to making their books available under a creative commons license and co-founder Clare Christian was shortlisted for a second for the company in the category of UK Young Publisher of the Year.

Again, this move can only once again underline that their is now a small but clearly noticeable shift in how our books are being published and how authors and publishers alike are going to have to revise their business models for book publishing and be far more creative over the coming months and years.

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