The Elephant and The Professional Author | Two Articles From Bob Mayer – Who Dares Wins Publishing

Here are two articles written by Bob Mayer of Who Dares Wins Publishing. The first one, Indies “vs” Trads: The elephant in the room, discusses the polarization of these two camps in the publishing universe.

“Publishers, don’t sit on books just because you have the rights. Consider the reverse royalty concept suggested above. Agents, push this.”

“Indie authors: stop talking about things like DTB publishers—I had to ask what that was: dead tree books. Be honest and admit if you’d gotten an offer from a trad publisher two years ago, you’d have taken it. Heck, most of us would take one now. The reality is that indie is becoming trad if you examine what’s going on with those indie authors who have broken out. Think about it.”

Mayer’s second article, How Do Writers Organizations Determine if you are a “Professional” Author?, discusses what defines a professional writer in the eyes of writers’ organisations, and how writers’ organisations too often base their value of professional writers on a publisher’s terms rather than readership and sales.

“I understand all these organizations are working to adapt to the new environment of publishing. Like publishers, they’re just behind the power curve. It’s hard to turn a large ship. But the thing we have to keep in mind is that these are WRITER organizations, not publishers, not agents, not bookstores. Why are we basing our credentials on things determined by those organizations, rather than readers? And readers vote for authors with sales.”

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