The Challenges & Future of Digital Publishing: Kassia Krozser of Booksquare

In the publishing world, when a new venture goes pear-shaped, you might understand its founders making an about turn and scrambling for the seclusion of the nearest forest for ‘quiet time’. Not so, Kassia Krozser, one of the founders of the now-no-more digital publisher, Quartet Press, and proprietor of Booksquare.
Today, she writes candidly and with great illumination on her summer with Quartet Press, the reasons for its demise and the future and challenges ahead for publishers embracing the digital platform. Hats off to her to hold her head up high and care enough to share her experiences. We might all learn something.

“…there is a real struggle between people who make books and people who buy books. The former haven’t worked out the logistics of the digital business. In their defense, ebook sales remain at the blip level on the financials. But they are growing, faster than any other segment of the book market.

The latter group, however, consists of savvy early adopters and newcomers who are developing expectations about pricing and quality. These new-to-ebook people are also learning about DRM, portability, and the loss of reader rights. As I’ve said before, it’s never a good thing for an industry when your customers are savvier and moving faster than you are. Publishers need to experiment, but they need to listen to customers.”

You can read the rest of Kassia Krozser thoughts here.

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