The Bookseller UK Partner With Nook Press For Self-Published Title Showcase

The Bookseller magazine in the UK has partnered with Barnes & Noble’s self-publishing platform Nook Press to preview self-published titles in a sponsored review section called Independent Author Preview from October. This will be an exclusive program for Nook Press titles and is scheduled to run through to April 2015. The new feature is designed to preview books from indie-authors and provide them with a chance to ‘showcase their work and recognises the role of non-traditional channels to publication.’

The Bookseller will consider approximately ten self-published titles to feature on the new section every month from a selection exclusively supplied by Nook Press. The new preview ‘will sit alongside’ The Bookseller’s current book review section of  new titles. The Bookseller’s associate editor, Caroline Sanderson, will oversee the preview in addition to her current role of non-fiction previewer.
Our goal here is to discover the best new books published independently and made available to customers in the UK and we’re thrilled to have partnered with Nook Press. This is a new spin on what we have been doing for more than a 100 years, and recognises that some of the best new writing now comes through non-traditional channels. The Bookseller’s job remains the same, however, to shout about these books and bring them to the attention of our audience.~ Philip Jones, Editor, The Bookseller
I should point out that this is primarily an opportunity for indie-authors to gain exposure in the UK to potential retail channels and general publishing trade folk. Remember, The Bookseller is a well-respected UK trade magazine—its target audience is the publishing industry, not necessarily book readers, though I know avid book readers and authors who do subscribe to it.
We are constantly looking at new ways to help Nook Press authors get the exposure they deserve, which is why we’re thrilled about this new partnership with The Bookseller. It will give our self-published authors a new outlet to showcase their work, while giving Nook customers another resource to discover their next great read. We also encourage self-published authors who are not yet on our platform to sign up today to be considered for this great opportunity and discover all of the great promotions available to Nook Press authors.~ Colin Eustace, General Manager, B&N S.à.r.l
While sponsoring the program, Nook Press has said that it will also help promote the featured titles using its programs Nook First, Nook Presents and via social media pushes. The Bookseller may also use its sister site We Love This Book for promotional purposes.
This looks like a positive and concerted drive by Nook Press in the UK. Last week Barnes & Noble also announced a sponsorship and promotional program using Nook Press in conjunction with ESI Media to improve low rates of literacy in London schools.

Overall, this partnership looks a little more about pushing Nook Press as a self-publishing platform than it does about highlighting the best of all self-published titles via The Bookseller. It also seems to have a distinct time frame commitment from both partners, but one would like to think it might become a gateway to The Bookseller opening fully up to reviewing indie titles from authors as well as small independent publishing presses in the UK.

Philip Jones of The Bookseller has added a further comment this evening:

Thanks Mick, yes this is right, “one would like to think it might become a gateway to The Bookseller opening fully up to reviewing indie titles from authors as well as small independent publishing presses in the UK”.We already preview titles from independent publishers, of course, and we wanted to extend that to indie authors. This is the start of that, and after six months we’ll look to extend to other vendors, or figure out a way of allowing authors to send to us direct. It’s a discoverability process, and hopefully a positive one for all sides.~ Philip Jones, Editor, The Bookseller

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