The Alliance of Independent Authors Set To Launch Internationally

News this morning from The Bookseller that a new non-profit society for self-published authors will come as a very welcome development. Founded by author and literary agent, Orna Ross, The Alliance of  Independent Authors will be fully launched in the coming weeks. It will be interesting to see how this goes and what the full remit of The Alliance will be. It is about time we had an author alliance that fully reflected and represented self-published authors as well as providing some form of watchdog for a vastly under-regulated sector.
The Alliance of Independent Authors

Author and former literary agent Orna Ross is readying the The Alliance of Independent Authors for launch internationally, with its website set to go live within weeks. She said: “We will be speaking up on behalf of independent authors, and making links with booksellers, wholesalers, agents and legacy publishers, so people have an idea of what our creative needs are. It requires a change of attitude both in writers and in other players. In the past, the author was a resource to be mined, but indie authorship is about meeting the publisher as a partner.”

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