Taking Stock and The Realities of the Dreaded Burnout

In the past few days I’ve spent some time personally taking stock of things and some quality time-out. Running this site takes an extraordinary amount of effort and time, so much so, my work days now stretch to 18 or 19 hours just to barely pay the bills. Much of the work is in the background and is also holding down a day job – as well as the time needed to keep abreast with industry news, services and trends, and the absolute bucket-load of research required. I’ve been seriously neglecting my author site and spiritual site, not to mention the attention I will need to give to A Seriously Useful Author’s Guide: To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish, which is due for publication on September 6th by Troubador Publishing. I also promised myself I would refocus on writing my novels, and this year I have yet to go back to two unfinished works.

While I absolutely intend to keep things going here with service reviews, articles and news, followers of the site may notice that while the quality and sharpness of focus here will remain, the intensity of postings simply cannot if I am to pursue my wider writing passions. In the past few months alone, I’m have been writing at up to fifty plus posts per month, and in some cases, they can run into several thousand words at a time.
Yup, last Thursday, I reached absolute burnout and I realised there were other things I was also neglecting.
So, while it is business as usual, I’ll need to be more selective about what I write and when I write here.
Onwards and upwards…
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