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Author, journalist and podcaster, Steven Lewis runs the Taleist blog, which chronicles his experience as a Kindle author and the wold of self-publishing. Collaborating with consumer researcher, David Cornford, Lewis has just launched The Taleist 2012 Self-Publishing Survey, an ambitious plan to gather as much data on self-published authors and their experiences of publishing. Here is a snippet from the announcement to give you a taste of what he is after.
How are you doing as a self-publisher? It’s a hard question to answer isn’t it? What are you measuring against?
Taking a snapshot of the self-publishing "industry"

We’re taking a professional snapshot of the self-publishing industry
There are self-publishing authors like JA KonrathAmanda Hocking,  John Lockeand (on a smaller but perfectly formed scale) Joanna Penn who are generous with their figures but they’re selling books from the tens of thousands to the millions. Sodoes that mean you’re a failure if your figures are more modest? Or are you actually doing better than most? What is the average royalty earning for self-publishing authors? How long does it take for a self-published book to reach peak sales?
What are the most successful authors doing to market their books?
The Taleist 2012 Self-Publishing Survey will have the answers
I have partnered with Dave Cornford, an experienced consumer researcher and himself a self-publishing author. We’ve designed survey that asks:
  • Who is self-publishing? (age, sex, background, experience)
  • How are we doing it? (full time, part time, on what platforms)
  • Why are we doing it? (can’t find a publisher, had a publisher but preferred to go indie, indie all the way!)
  • What’s working for us? (having more books for sale, marketing like a fiend, giving books away)
  • How are we doing? (sales and revenue)
Drawing on Dave’s experience we’re asking these questions in a way that we can follow all sorts of interesting threads, like looking for what successfully self-publishing authors have in common.

You can take part in the 61 question survey by clicking here.

About Taleist and Steven Lewis
This is a blog for self-publishing (indie) Kindle authors by me, Steven Lewis, a ghostwriterjournalistpodcaster and self-publishing Kindle author with two Amazon Top 10 bestselling guides to Sydney, among other ebooks. I have also written a number of guides for anyone who wants to do the same.
The moment my first Kindle arrived in the post, I knew it was a device I was going to love and ebooks were the medium I’d be writing in primarily, perhaps exclusively (blogging, Twitter and Facebook aside). I very quickly started self-publishing as a Kindle author (or “indie author”, if you prefer).
I have published several books in Amazon. I couldn’t be happier with the way they look and, more importantly, with the way they’re selling. And, thanks to the Amazon royalty deal, I’m doing better than I would be doing through a traditional publisher. Even the 35% royalty option is substantially better than the traditional offer and 70% is very nice, thank you.
My work is non-fiction; my background is in journalism, writing features for publications like the Financial TimesEsquireGQ, the International Herald Tribune, and the South China Morning Post, for which I was a columnist for years — technology and television (my twin passions).
I first published online in 1993 using technical skills that thankfully transfer perfectly to the ebook medium. I published my first Amazon titles in 2010, an eclectic collection, including successful self-guided walking tours of Sydney and niche how-to guides. The blog, however, is agnostic and applies equally to writers of fiction and non-fiction.
Through this blog I share my experiences with Amazon for other authors who want to know how to succeed in self-publishing.
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