TAF Publish Irish Writers’, Authors’ and Poets’ Handbook

TAF Publishing has just published the first edition of the Irish Writers’, Authors’ and Poets’ Handbook for Ireland and Northern Ireland. This is a much-needed writers’ handbook dedicated to the Irish market. The book will be available in Irish bookshops from this week, but can also be purchased online directly from The Author’s Friend (€14.95 plus P + P).
From the press release:

The Handbook is a welcome arrival for writers, publishers, anyone involved in literary circles across the island of Ireland. For years we have had to rely on UK equivalents. Now there is an Irish produced resource, focusing solely on the needs of Irish writers, authors and poets.

The Handbook is published by TAF Publishing, Ireland’s newest, most exciting publisher. The editors are David Jones and Oscar Duggan, co-founders of The Author’s Friend and leading exponents of Assisted Publishing in Ireland today. It is the product of some five months intensive research, bringing together a comprehensive directory of publishers, literary agents, writing groups, literary festivals and competitions, bookshops, libraries, magazines, newspaper, literary and publishing blogs. in Ireland and Northern Ireland. It’s also packed with useful tips about writing, getting published and the impact of new technologies.

The entire process of writing and publishing a book is covered in a series of concise, informative articles – from developing your muse, to finding a publisher or the alternative ways of getting published, to utilising the potential of the world wide web. The Handbook also provides special attention to various literary niches and sub-genres – poetry, writing for children, the Irish language, short stories and essays.

The Handbook is quite forward looking in terms of examining the likely impact that new technology will have, on how we read, write and publish in the future. From the opening chapter – The Digital Revolution:

“It might seem a strange place to start a yearbook, talking about the future. Yet technology changes so fast these days that the future is here almost before it arrives. As authors, writers, poets, editors, publishers, agents, etc., we need to understand the digital age that is already upon us.

The first substantial book printed with movable type was The Gutenberg Bible. It was completed in 1454 or 1455. The first significant publishing house was set up by the Elzevir family in Holland in 1583. It is conceivable that the last book to be printed and published in the traditional way could be just around the corner.

For authors these developments mean you have a potentially worldwide market for your books over the Internet. You can also profitably print and sell books locally, in your community, without significant investment.
For readers, it means easy access to books without having to leave your living room.

For publishers and bookshops, it means unquantifiable changes to the way you have traditionally done business.”
This really is a a must-have book for any person or organisation connected with, or interested in the literary sector in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

For more information about The Irish Writers, Authors and Poets Handbook, including how to purchase your copy, please visit the Online Catalogue of The Authors Friend.

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