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I have mentioned a number of times in my articles that small and independent publishers do utilise some of’s book set-up services. Small publishers can choose to use to complete their finalised PDF files for their digital printer, or use them for an initial ‘test’ proof before committing to an off set print run.

Snowbooks, a successful independent publisher in the UK has taken this one step further. Here is what Emma Barnes of Snowbooks says on their blogsite today, February 20th, 2009:

“In what I shall call An Interesting Experiment, we are making available some books and samplers waaay before publication via Lulu. Yes, Lulu – the self publishing company. ….I discovered that their prices aren’t too bad, their quality is very good and they print in runs of one – perfect for proof copies to send to endorsers and key buyers.”

And you can peruse the Lulu store page of Snowbooks to see the kinds of early book proofs, sample books and marketing material they have for hardcopy and download sale.

It is a quirky idea that reminds me of the kind of stuff 4AD records and their art designers at 23 Envelope used to do during the 1990’s. It can work particularly well with a company who has a very strong, independent and distinctive identity. Using Lulu, they could of course expand into offering calendars, posters, bookmarks, etc. I do note Emma’s comment about prices on Lulu not being too bad. However, I wouldn’t entirely agree. At 15.00 euro, I’m not sure how many readers and fans of Snowbooks will fork out that much for a sample book containing as little as 30 odd pages. But, again, it’s a quirky idea and worth seeing how successful it is. Ultimately, I think they can get this kind of POD service cheaper somewhere else, perhaps with Lightning Source direct in Milton Keynes, or someone like York Publishing Services, based in the UK and also specialist in this digital print area.

You can visit Snowbooks site at the link below.

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