Slush Pile Reader Announce 2.0 Improved Features

Last month we did an overview of Slush Pile Reader as part of our publishing innovators series. Yesterday Slush Pile Reader announced some improvements to their site, and in particular, manuscript consumption, badges creating external promotional links to authors’ manuscripts, personalized lists for users, and a host of other improvement features to the site.

“We are happy to unveil a number of new features to the Slush Pile Reader site! We have been working behind the scenes to improve the site and to construct new features that you, our esteemed members, have asked for. We are so glad that we have been able to realize these new additions to the site and we hope that you like them and that they live up to your expectations!”

You can register and test out the new features on Slush Pile Reader here.

About Slush Pile Reader

There are no costs or fees involved in the process for either the readers or the authors. Slush Pile Reader will, like any reputable publisher, be responsible for all costs involved in publishing a selected manuscript; editing, printing, marketing, distribution etc.

Slush Pile Reader was born out of the idea of combining the power of the global reach of the Internet, the preferences and knowledge of readers, and the creativity of writers. After all, it is the readers who buy books, so why shouldn’t the readers themselves be able to decide which books are published?

Slush Pile Reader believes that the common knowledge of a large group of readers is the most interesting, and valid, means of determining the value of a particular manuscript. After mounds of research and thought, Slush Pile Reader was conceived in San Francisco in 2007 by Johanna and Pascal Denize, both originally from Sweden and now residents of San Francisco. A beta site was launched in 2009. With a team of unbelivably talented and inspired techs, communication specialists and book professionals Slush Pile Reader will help make great new literature available to the world!

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