Shadowmancer Author Calls Time on Writing Career

We have spoken about English author Graham Taylor (GP Taylor) several times on these pages regarding his self-publishing success during the 1990’s with his first novel, Shadowmancer, as well as his involvement with British author solutions service, Grosvenor House Publishing.
The Telegraph reported yesterday that Taylor has decided to give up writing so he can care for his 11-year-old daughter, Lydia, who suffers from Crohn’s disease.

“As well as the writing, I do work in schools and promotional work and it’s very time consuming. I need to evaluate what really matters in my life and I’ll just have to stop and care for my daughter.”

GP Taylor has led a colourful life, working in the music industry with the Sex Pistols, becoming a priest, as well as pursuing a full-time writing career following the self-publication of his first novel, Shadowmancer. Shadowmancer became a bestseller and Taylor quickly got picked up by Faber UK.
We wish Graham, his wife Kathy and daughter Lydia, strength and health in their lives ahead.

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