Self-Publishing Review (SPR) Launches Hybrid Publishing Service

kwillpubnewThe Self-Publishing Review (SPR) has launched what it describes as a ‘hybrid publishing house’ this week. And what exactly is that you might ask? ‘A traditional on-demand publishing model without the gatekeepers,’ says Henry and Cate Baum of SPR. Kwill Publishing House is targeted at authors who want to focus on writing and leave book production and marketing to the publisher.

You want to self-publish, but you don’t have the time or expertise to edit, format, and market your book yourself. You’re a writer, not a salesperson!


At Kwill we publish books using a hybrid method – you retain all royalties in the same way if you did all this yourself, and you’re published with an indie press. This means you get the benefits a publishing house gives you over self-publishing, such as being able to submit your book to more than two categories (up to seven with Kwill) and you can concentrate on writing, not marketing.

Kwill, describing itself as a hybrid publisher, offers three publishing packages which include various levels of editing along with design, production and marketing, and prices range from $2999 to $4999. Marketing will extend for two months beyond the publication of the book, and authors can opt to extend this period.

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SPR Opens Hybrid Publishing House, Kwill

Kwill Books Launches

Now Looking For New Indie Books To Launch!

SPR is thrilled to announce we’ve opened Kwill Books, a brand new hybrid concept in publishing your book. Keep all rights and royalties, but get an ISBN with “published” status! We do everything from editing to marketing your book with guaranteed Amazon Bestseller status in your category, so you don’t have to! All you have to do is write!

There’s a deal for every budget, with add-ons to enhance your choice. SPR has partnered with excellent suppliers to get the best prices around, with all the perks of being a published author with a Bowker ISBN included.
Kwill Author Deals
We also welcome books that have already been published and maybe didn’t make such a splash. We can revamp your book and make it shine!

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