Self-Publishing: Carnival of the Indies Issue #3 — The Book Designer

Self-Publishing: Carnival of the Indies Issue #3 — The Book Designer

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blogs for self-publishersJane Friedman presents When (or Why) Social Media Fails to Sell Books posted at There Are No Rules. “Social media is about developing relationships and a readership over the long term that helps bolster your entire career (and sales too). When people claim that social media hasn’t worked for them, I can usually guess why—because I see it used wrong EVERY day.”
blogs for self-publishersMick Rooney presents Democratization or Be Damned posted atPOD, Self Publishing and Independent Publishing. “The only way true ‘Democratization of Publishing’ is going to happen is when the old ‘traditional’ publishing aristocracy takes on and embellishes what is good outside and around it – all that it currently fears.”
blogs for self-publishersThomas Burchfield presents The Thrill of the Hunt posted at A Curious Man. “I gasp and sprawl on my back upon the cold terra-cotta tile floor, struck down by the reality of my actions. . . Everything can go wrong. Nothing can go wrong. The book is great. The book is terrible. . . The book will sell a million copies and be despised. The book will sell zero copies and be loved.”

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