Self-Publishing Book Expo: New York – Tomorrow, Saturday 7th, November

A final reminder that the Self-Publishing Book Expo takes place in New York’s Sheraton Hotel all day tomorrow. The organizers of the event have managed to put together a very impressive array of speakers and panelists from the world of self-publishing services, independent presses, distributors, printers and self-published authors.

The highlight of the event looks to be the speaker addresses by Bob Young of Lulu, Brent Sampson of Outskirts Press and Mark Croker of Smashwords. You can see the full event details here and registration is still available.

The time has come to have an exhibition where the spotlight is solely on self-published books and authors. The first annual Self-Publishing Book Expo—or the SPBE as we’ve begun to affectionately call it–will bring national focus and attention to the fastest-growing segment of today’s publishing industry.
Unlike any other book exhibit, the Self-Publishing Book Expo will be the only event of its kind to highlight the books of self-publishing companies and their authors, and give them the prominence and prestige they deserve.
Sales – The SPBE will be open to the public, offering authors a unique opportunity to sell their books to the broadest possible audience.
Meet the Media – Producers of TV and radio programs, and editors of newspapers, magazines, and online media outlets, will attend the event, all looking for great stories that may otherwise be under their radar.
An Opportunity to Learn – Attendees will get to hear about the products and services offered by self-publishing companies from across the country.
Interact – Authors will have the opportunity to discuss their path to self-publishing, and share their unique ideas for marketing, publicizing, and selling their books.

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